Monday, June 2, 2014


hi everyone!
Here are the steps for using VLC media player, as  an audio/video cutter :-
1.     Load your video / audio file in VLC.
2.     Activate Advanced controls located under the View menu. You will now
        see four extra buttons above the normal play/pause button.
3.     Seek to the position you want to start your recording and play the audio /
        video stream. Now press the record  button (the first one) in the Advanced
        controls section.
4.     Press the Record button again, when you want to stop the recording.
5.     Basically, we have used the built-in VLC decoder to record the audio / video

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Ofcourse, if you have ffmpeg insalled, you may use the following command line from a terminal window :-
      ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -ss [start] -t [duration] -c:v copy 
            -c:a copy out.mp4
The various options are as under:-   
     -ss specifies the start time, e.g. 00:01:23.000 or 83 (in seconds) 
     -t  specifies the duration of the clip (same format). 
     -c:v copy and -c:a copy copy the video and audio bitstreams without
        re-encoding them. This won't harm the quality and make the command run
        within seconds.
simple and pure joy of using open source software!