Monday, February 17, 2014


I have a nicely configured Ubuntu instln on my laptop. It is optimised and customized for my personal use. I wouldnot like to do it over and over again in case I format my dual boot system or due to some hardware failure, my linux distro stops. How to achieve that  ? Simple, use Remastersys.

1. Installation

   (a)   In the terminal window as root - issue the following commands :-
              'sudo su'
               wget -O - |   
               apt-key add -
  (b)   Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list (sudo gedit /etc/apt

              #Remastersys Precise
              deb precise main

  (c)   Now in the terminal type
              sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install remastersys
              && sudo apt-get install remastersys-gui
2. Usage

   (a)   Launch Remastersys gui and choose the first option:-
           create a live ISO backup of your system including your personal data

   (b)   Installing back the system from the iso image can be done in two ways:-

          (i)   You can copy the .iso on DVD and install on different machine as you
          would install any linux distro.

          (ii)  Copy the .iso on a usb device. Create a Virtual Box ubuntu linux vm
          and configure the Settings -> Storage -> Controller :IDE -> Attributes ->
          CD/DVD Drive, to point to the .iso image stored on the usb device. Then
          boot up the machine from the iso , you may use the live image of your
          system or install it as needed on the VM.

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