Saturday, May 28, 2016


Scenario : I had a windows 7 virtual box machine running as guest on my host ubuntu. One fine day, during software installation in win 7, my vm crashed and just wouldn't start.

Problem : I had some very important files on the win7 guest machine and needed them desperately. 

Solution : I have a remnux (linux) VM too. So I switched it off first. Next, I opened the settings -> storage, and added the win7 .vmdk file under the external:SATA section. It was now listed in addition to the existing remnux.vmdk

Next, I booted up my remnux machine and opened the file browser, I then located my mounted win7 hard disk. I simply browsed to the relevant folder and copied all the needed files to the remnux disk. I next used the shared folder to transfer these files to my host OS. 

I was back in business in no time!

Note :- If you donot have a shared folder in your host OS. First install guest additions and virtual box extension pack. Next add a shared folder inside your guest OS VM (Devices-> Shared Folder Settings OR Settings-> Shared folders -> Machine Folders -> Click on +/Add button). Browse to the folder in your host OS, which you would like to share with the guest OS, choose the settings as auto-mount and permanent. Click on OK. Next open a terminal inside you guest VM and execute the command - sudo adduser remnux vboxsf
(remember in remnux distro the user name is also remnux) . Finally, reboot your guest OS VM, the shared folder will always be mounted under /etc/media/

 Enjoy ;-) !!

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